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Eyes on You
A Novel of Suspense

by Kate White

A breathless psychological thriller that will leave you guessing until the very end

After a painful divorce and losing her on-air job two years ago, Robin Trainer has fought hard to regain her career. Now, as the popular cohost of a nightly entertainment show and the author of a hot new bestseller, she’s being dubbed a media double threat. In a business full of rivals eager to see you fail, making a comeback was tough, and Robin isn’t about to do anything that could jeopardize her newfound success.

But suddenly things begin going wrong. A few small but nasty incidents shake her confidence: a vicious note tucked into her purse at her book signing; the photo on her book jacket slashed in her office… Soon the meanness turns threatening. Someone has eyes on Robin, an adversary with a dark agenda who wants to hurt her and see her fall, and the clues point to someone she works with every day.

As she frantically tries to put the pieces together and unmask an enemy hiding in the shadows all too close to her, it becomes terrifyingly clear that the person responsible isn’t going to stop until Robin loses everything that matters to her . . . including her life.

“Kate White keeps up the pace by adding a little more suspense and a little more danger from beginning to end.” USA Today

“With pop culture references and attention to fashion detail, White keeps the story both timely and engaging. It’s her devious mind, however, that puts the thrill in this thriller.” Publisher’s Weekly

“Former Cosmo editor White, author of the Bailey Weggins series, seems to thrive in an atmosphere of glitz, as she produces increasing levels of suspense and danger in what is her most compelling and snappiest stand-alone yet.”
Michele Leber, Booklist

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June 9 – 23, 2015


Meet Kate White

Kate White, the former editor in chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, is the New York Times bestselling author of the stand-alone novels Hush, The Sixes, and Eyes on You, as well as the Bailey Weggins mystery series. She is editor of The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook. She is also the author of popular career books for women, including I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: How to Ask for the Money, Snag the Promotion, and Create the Career You Deserve. You can contact her or learn more about her at katewhite.com.

Comments 164

  1. Gracie

    I thought this was just OK, but that’s mostly because it was an easy book to read in front of the TV and while I was trying to get to sleep. I didn’t like Robin, the main character, a whole lot and for that matter, didn’t really care about anyone (except maybe Alex); better character development would have helped there along with more insight into the psychological things that were pretty much glossed over. I also thought it was pretty obvious who the villain was, so was really disappointed to find out I was right. This was my first Kate White book and I may try another, but if it’s the same kind of thing I’ll stick to better mystery authors. A 2-star (out of 5) book for me.

    I do like the concept of a ‘big library read’ though, and look forward to more.

  2. Pat

    I’m surprised that this book was chosen for this global book club. I always make myself read 50 pages of a book before deciding to finish it or not. I did not finish this one! There was not a character I liked, the writing was mediocre, the language was unnecessarily vulgar, and I really didn’t care how it ended. A book for a program like this should have more “redeeming social value” than this has. “Shakespeare saved my life” was worth reading. This book was not.

  3. Andrea

    Can I say OSTRICH! First, the story was okay but what a weak, insipid female character. Robin has stuck her head in a whole in the wall. From someone who had been subject to harassment before she does not think well… Security should have been called immediately.

    At the first incident, my natural instinct was to keep the damaged index card. A smart female would have kept all items of interest. Every time Robin through away evidence to hide her feelings I just wanted to say, “that is a mistake”.

    1. Andrea

      I wish there was an edit function to correct mistakes. ‘Every time Robin threw away evidence to hide her feelings I just wanted to say, “that is a mistake”.’

  4. carol

    The book was ok, but not a big suspense thriller. And i did not have invested. Want great thriller, try Mary higgens clark

  5. Kristine

    I generally enjoy Kate White’s books, they are what I would term a ‘light mystery’, not exactly cozy but not a thriller, either. This one was no exception. I enjoyed it; it was a quick read, and frankly I didn’t have to work too hard to get through it (important when I want to de-stress). Like many have said, everyone knows the obvious suspect isn’t the culprit, and I had a good guess fairly early but there were some other possibilities. Ms. White didn’t make it too easy OR too hard to figure out (again, a quality I was looking for right now) so it was just the right amount of mystery. If you are looking for a literary classic, or are just a book snob, then this isn’t for you; if you are like me and just want something, anything, fun to read without it being too heavy, “Eyes on You” might be a good fit.

  6. George

    Really? A premier book choice that’s profanity laced on page 1! Why? I chose not to read more. Please make a better choice for a more inclusive audience.

    1. Post
  7. Charlotte

    This was a frustrating book to read. At times it showed what it might have been, but instead the author chose to stick tight to her formula and not take much time to develop the characters. She was all over the place, tossing out distraction after distraction, creating potentially interesting characters then abandoning them to move on to the next in an attempt to create a little razzle-dazzle and smoke-and-mirrors. The result was stultifying rather than mystifying. This is not to say that formula writing can’t be done well. The Eve Dallas books by J.D. Robb feature well-developed evolving characters that make them a worthwhile easy read. Kate White needs a more demanding editor to push her to the level she seems capable of reaching.

  8. Kathie

    It took quite a long time to get into this book. However, I found it reasonably enjoyable after persevering with the book. I feel the characters could have been developed more. The Big Read is a very interesting concept and I look forward to the next book.

  9. Linda

    I enjoyed the book. Perfect for a raining day at the lake. For a light romantic with a twist of mystery it was perfect for a lazy day. I am really glad that overdrive has provided the book for everyone at one time and I would like to see a book that maybe has more depth and thought into it. Nice to read others comments but not enough in this book that was thought provoking.

    1. Jt

      I like the idea of having a book available to multiple people at once without a waiting list. However, I was disappointed that the library didn’t choose a book with more substance or literary value. This hardly seems a “book club” selection. There is little to discuss, and the ending doesn’t come together, seems to just be tagged on quickly at the end to finish the book. The best line little riff on f-you shoes, occurs at the beginning. The narrator has an interesting accent. The main character is surprisingly laid back and positive about increasing harassment. I find her reluctance to discuss it with others, as well as her social “calculation”. surprising. I wonder if there are people who are actually like this.

      I checked this book out because annoyingly it came up on the first page every time I opened a library in every county. This seemed like some sort of endorsement since all the libraries were pushing it. I was disappointed. I finished it, but, wonder if I should check out another. Simply because it is being promoted by all the libraries at once apparently doesn’t mean it is quality literature. What were they thinking?

      1. Post
        Adam Sockel

        Hi JT- as we’ve mentioned a few times below the libraries don’t select the title, the readers do. We are provided a number of titles by publishers that they are willing to allow all readers to read at the same time and then we made a voting link avaialble here and on our social media pages. This was the selected title. Thanks for supporting your library.

        1. Jt

          Where exactly is this link? Can you paste it here? I would like to see the list.

          If you want to stay in the psychological tension genre, I would suggest the Dinner by Herman Koch, as a book that is very well written and interestingly creepy.

          1. Post
            Adam Sockel

            The voting link is no longer live. It goes down after the voting is complete. And as mentioned the publishers provide us with a list of titles to vote on. We don’t create the initial list to vote upon.

  10. Elaine

    Both my husband and I read constantly – at least several books a week. This was definitely not a man’s book at all and I found it basically boring. This is the first time I have read a Big Read book and hope the next one is worth reading. I will not be reading any other Kate White books.

  11. Diane A

    Slogged all the way to page 27 and had the good sense to quit before I was tempted to stalk Ms. White for convincing the publisher to print this monstrosity. My apologies Ms. White for ripping your book, but it needed to be tighter and better written. It’s disconcerting to read an interesting plot murdered by such pedestrian writing.

  12. Janelle

    I really wanted to like this book…It kept popping up on my suggested reads, but the storyline didn’t seem to catch my attention. However, I gave it a shot because I thought the Global Book Club idea was so great! I felt like the character development wasn’t that great. There were too many characters introduced, but not enough depth. It seemed like there was plenty of opportunity for it, such as the relationship between Robin and her co-star, but then, he suddenly drops out, and is replaced with another love interest. As the story progressed, I kept thinking, wow, she can’t truly be that naive or even stupid, but, indeed she was. I found myself losing interest because it was too predictable. The story was leading you to believe it was one suspect, so I automatically thought, it’s too easy, it can’t be her, there will be a twist. I actually started to get excited when the idea that she was actually framing herself came into play, but, no such luck. That could have been a great story!

    This was a really quick read, but it was thoroughly disappointing and lacking in substance. I guess it was everything I expected it to be. Oh well, you can’t win all of them. I look forward to future reads!

  13. Dorothy DeMaria

    I enjoyed this story a good quick read. There was no shortage of suspects and I didn’t figure it out till the end. I do like books that are a little more substantial plot wise but disagree with the people calling it awfull

  14. Becky

    This was not an edge of your seat reading for me and the first Kate White book. I downloaded the audio version and found the narrator’s voice grating. The character’s could have been better developed.

    This was my first big library read book and am looking forward to the next one.

  15. Barbara

    Ehhhh…I managed to finish the book but I was disappointed in the writing and character development. I guess I’ll try a big read book again. I hope it’s a little more engaging and interesting.

  16. Teresa

    I’ve read some of the comments left by others and I was offended on Kate’s behalf. If people who write such unflattering comments think they are knowledgeable enough to criticize an author’s work with such ruthless conversation then I suppose that perhaps they should attempt to write a novel of their own. I, personally, enjoyed Eyes on You and was intrigued; not really kept on the edge of my seat, but I did enjoy it. The characters were introduced ar a pace that was easy enough to keep up with and I could understand their motivation for the most part. I agree that Maddy was a little hard to understand and not fully explained. She seemed to be incidental to the overall plot. I certainly don’t agree with the person who wrote saying that ” Robon should just get over herself” or the other one who wrote that it would have been better to have revealed that Robin was really doing this to herself. For heaven’s sake, go read SciFi if that’s the kind of story you are looking for. Overall it was a good read and I look forward to reading the next book by Kate because I know she will develop and become even better with future novels. Good luck on a very promising literary career, Kate!

  17. Lisa

    Great initiative – enjoy the ‘always available’ book and Big Read.
    Eyes on You was, as others have said, ok. I plodded through fully anticipating that Robin would end up being the perpetrator of all the wrongs. Wasn’t an edge of my seat thriller but was a simple, easy read.

  18. Rebecca

    I listened to the audio book. I don’t know what ‘vocal fry’ is, which some people have commented on. I thought the narrator was good, and a very suitable voice for the antagonist, though I found her voices for the male characters hard to differentiate. Overall I enjoyed this book. I guess if f-bombs or graphic sex shocks you, don’t read this novel. I thought it went with the ‘life in the fast lane’ atmosphere. I found the main character intriguing, especially gaining gradual insight into where her ambition came from. There was some character development by the end. I would’ve liked to have a better sense of Alex’s character, and a few others, maybe a bit more wrap up at the end. I found the gradual build of suspense well done, and suspected different people at different times, so for me it wasn’t predictable. It did get annoying how long Robin kept things to herself before asking for help, like when people in a horror movie split up, and you’re trying to yell at them through the screen. It’s not a life-changing read, but a decent hard to put down / turn off kind of book.

  19. Linda

    When Robin threw away the note, I couldn’t believe she was that stupid. I think most people would have kept it or at least taken a pic of it. She seemed too easily rattled & whimpy early on when the first pranks began. I found the behind-the-scenes ego issues interesting. I’d never considered that TV personalities had to worry so much about being replaced by the next ‘up and coming.’ Overall, the book was average.

    1. Andrea

      I so agree. No way would I have thrown away that note. Any person with a backbone would have tried to figure out who could have done such a hideous thing. Robin was a weak female character.

  20. Suzanne

    I tried listening to the audio version of the book and the narrator had such a HORRIBLE vocal fry that I just couldn’t listen to it. So, was happy I could still download the book.

    I thought it was OK, but it didn’t actually keep me on the edge of my seat.

    I think it was question 7 in the discussion guide, when suspicion fell on Robin was I sympathetic. I guess not really. She’s a prime example of someone making so many bad choices…don’t talk about the slashed books, don’t bring up the nasty notes, etc. I think she’s a little TSTL (too stupid to live). But I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. Don’t make waves, etc…I just couldn’t.

    So, all in all, I’ll stick with OK. BUT I really appreciate Overdrive making the book available like it did. I look forward to other big read books and discussions.

  21. Sue

    Wow, I tried. I gave it a million chances to be good. Frankly, I didn’t care who was after Robin. Time was not spent in developing her character. It really ended in the predictable fashion. It would have been more interesting if Robin really was the one doing the crimes against herself, then getting away with it at the very end…while shopping for more Barbie dolls….and knowing that she was guilty in her youth…now that would have been unique…

  22. Amy

    I liked the book. As others have mentioned, would be a good beach read. The competition at work and effect of a career on relationships were interesting topics. I’m still unsure what role Maddy played in the whole thing– maybe to just distract us from the real culprit?

  23. Liz

    I found it a very disappointing read — one that I had to plow through to reach the end. Simply not engaging. Pedestrian writing and lack of character development are my chief complaints.

  24. Erin

    I have read many books just like this..it was predictable & I could not get into the characters. Not my fav Big Library book I’ve read. I killed some time at working reading it though. Looking forward to the next Big Read book. Is there an email list or anything about upcoming titles for the Big Read?

  25. Val

    For a book club I would have expected some literary value, not just fluff.?! Fluff is fun, but not book club material in my opinion. Character s were pretty thin and besides entertainment, not a lot going for it.

    1. Heike

      I liked the book very much as well, and it is not often that I am drawn back to a book to spend as much time as possible to read it.
      I think this library program is terrific and always appreciate being introduced to new authors. THANK YOU!
      I am surprised at some of the other comments regarding the use of “language”. I find this to be more of a concern on TV and being in the real world….

    2. Lorie

      The story didn’t interest me much at first, but I continued reading and suspected several different people. Thanks for introducing me to this author.

  26. Maddy

    I was initially put off by the bad language on the first page and found the first chapters uninticing but as the plot developed so did my desire to read to the end. It reminded me of the american mysteries I used to read as a teenager. Enjoyable but there are much better adult psychological thrillers around such as The Lie by C.L.Taylor.

  27. Danell

    Didn’t get past the first page. Don’t like the F-bombs. When there was 2 within the first page, decided to return.

  28. Laura

    I’ve read about 15 percent of this book, and it’s awful. Paper-thin characters, poor writing, predictable plot. I’m really disappointed with Overdrive for picking this book, and with the NYPL for choosing to encourage its membership to read a book so patently awful. There is so much good work being done, so many terrific books being written, why would an organization choose this piece of garbage for its “Big Read”?

    1. Post
      Adam Sockel

      Hi Laura- thanks for your feedback but, as mentioned a few times before, we do not select the titles. We give the readers a selection of titles that publishers are willing to provide and then the readers vote. Additionally it may not be your cup of tea but we are seeing thousands of people enjoying it. Hopefully you’ll find the next one more to your liking. Cheers.

  29. Carol

    I like listening to audiobooks and found the narrator hard to listen to until I moved the speed up to 1.25 higher than normal (on Overdrive). The plot was interesting but way too predictable. I much prefer a read that keeps me guessing “whodunit” until the end. Unfortunately, I figured it out right away, but wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything, so listened all the way to the end!

    While not a prude, I found the descriptions of the sexual acts totally unnecessary to the development of the story line. All in all, not a book I’d recommend to a friend.

    1. Joanie

      Great tip about speeding up the audio! I keep getting annoyed by how long and dragged out the narrator makes every sentence, speeding it up might help. Thanks!

    2. Suzanne

      Maybe I should have tried speeding it up, never did that. But this is one narrator that I will make sure I NEVER listen to one of her books. She’s terrible. Worst vocal fry (the author even makes fun of a character in her book that speaks that way!) I’ve ever heard. I had to download the ebook to get away from the audio version.

  30. Beth

    Really a waste of time. I didn’t finish because it was so lame. I have no idea if this is an actual physical book but I hope not because it would be a great waste of a tree.

  31. Jerry

    What I liked best about the book was that it worked its way to an ending. Seems a lot of books I’ve read lately just end. The author has written his/her required 500 pages and something ridiculous or uninteresting happens so the book can end.

    I too had determined the antagonist early on. I was tempted a few times to doubt myself which I suppose is what the author had intended. I did find it hard to imagine that Alex would put forth all the effort he did to help Robin.

    Since I’m a guy (didn’t notice many comments from guys except to comment on the ladies comments), maybe I just couldn’t relate to the characters as well. To me, Robin came off as a whiner, a victim of everyone being against her.

    Not a page turner for me. I could put it down and pick it back up at any time although I can probably count on one hand the number of books I’ve read that keep me driving to the next chapter. All in all an ok read but not a favorite.

    1. Leona

      I agreed with you. I did not find this book as a suspense. I figured out it was her Robin’s friend. I listened to the audio book. Took me while to get accustomed to the narrator. I appreciate the premise of the book. Robin character did come across whiney and sometimes paranoid. First time reading Katie White novel. I’ll definitely try another. Bit surprised by the Big Box choice :).

  32. Glenda

    Enjoyed reading Eyes on You very much – first time reading Kate White – think I’ll check into Bailey Wiggins Series – thank you…

  33. Joan Clinton

    This was not my type of book. But everyone is entitled to their opinion about the book. I felt it was similar to other books that I have read. Looking forward to the discussions and the next book for the fall.

  34. Babs

    Why not have a book like Colin Flahterty’s books White Girl Bleed A Lot and Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry? http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/

    Race is discussed all the time and the news is always about White racism. White people get called names such as White Supremacists and our children are indoctrinated in our own public schools and taught that White people are evil. So why not have books that will spur discussions about race that do not scapegoat White people?

  35. lynn

    Surprising choice for a Big Read. An entertaining read, but hardly edifying. I checked back twice to make sure I was reading the right book.

  36. Bill

    I found this book to be unreadable. I was so bored after the first few chapters I started skimming it to see if anything interesting was going to happen. After wasting some more time, I realized I didn’t care what happened to any of the characters, so I returned the book.

    1. zenquilter

      I love the idea of a Big Read. I just wish the book was better written and provided thought provoking discussion on important issues. This book had flat characters that I did not like. I had the plot figured out about 25% of the way through and kept reading thinking there would be some surprising twists. I am disappointed.

      1. Post
        Adam Sockel

        Hi there- The titles for the program are chosen by the readers. Publishers provide us a number of titles they are willing to make available for the program and then our readers voted on what title they wanted to read most. Many are enjoying it but we apologize that you did not.

  37. Sue

    I read Eyes on You by Kate White as part of the eBook Big Library Read. At the start the main character is celebrating the success of her working life in media and as an author and reflects on how good life is. This quickly changes as she is shaken by a lot of sneaky and nasty occurrences aimed at her particularly at work. The book is a combination of a mystery ‘who dunnit’ and a psychological thriller. Half way through there is suddenly surprising evidence pointing to her as the culprit. Has her experience as a child mentally affected her? There are lots of plausible suspects, least of which was the actual culprit revealed at the end of the book. It was a quick but enjoyable read 4/5.

  38. Donna

    Enjoyed the book. Reads like good chick lit but I like that from time to time.

    However, this book (see copied text below) was billed as suitable for students. I think of that as mostly people younger than 18–maybe even gradeschoolers. This book is for adults.

    Please warn us up front of what age group might be appropriate. Informed consent, please.

    “During the two-week program, the Big Library Read title is available for checkout through participating libraries and schools…. All you need is a library card (or student ID) to join the global eBook club.”

    1. Judith

      I agree. That said, I kept reading to find out why it was posted as a Big Read. I expect Big Reads to introduce the vast readership to little known authors, important topics, or compelling ideas. This was none of those.

  39. Ellen

    Great book. Loved the intrigue. Good plot, really reminds you of the old Nancy Drewboks. Will have to look at other books by this author. Thanks for recommending it.

  40. Ginny

    Just finished Eyes On Me. What a great page turner. It is an excellent summer read. I had not read anything by Kate White before so I am excited to see that she has other books to tease my brain.

  41. Bee

    Warning, spoilers.

    From the discussion questions:

    I wouldn’t have thrown out the note from the party or the purse. Alex was my favorite character because he stuck up for Robin in a substantive way. When Robin was accused I also started to wonder if she had really done it, herself. Additional details made it clear she hadn’t. I picked up on the photos email and the possible consequences right away.

    Sometimes I thought the plot was just a little too neat, like the split second save in the pool. I also thought the descriptive sex was gratuitous and the the detail given was not needed to advance the plot. In fact, the explicit scenes seemed incongruous with the rest of the story. They added nothing to the understanding of the relationship that a less explicit description would have provided. The adult language other than the sex scenes was okay because it it added to character development. The fact that the story is told largely from the point of being in the protagonist’s head, and that people sometimes say things in their heads that they do not speak (like the shoes imagery), made the language believable.

    I usually read non-fiction but I thought I’d give it a try. It was a page turner and overall a good read, but it was a good book rather than a great book for some of the reasons I stated above.

  42. Lisa

    I really enjoyed this book and I am not a person who usually reads mysteries. I got very involved with the character of Robin. I probably will read another book by Kate White.

  43. Laura

    Downloaded the audiobook, and enjoyed the narrator very much. Thought her voice had just the right personality for the main characters, and enough variation to differentiate the others. I enjoyed the book, and finished it quickly. Although I had suspected the outcome, the writing did have my changing my mind from time-to-time.

  44. Karen

    I had downloaded both the audiobook and the ebook, since I like to switch between the two depending on what I’m doing at the time. Unfortunately, I could NOT deal with this narrator; she was turning me off to the story, so I switched to book. (It’s interesting to me to see that some people did enjoy the narrator. Just goes to show that everyone has different taste.)

    The story reads very quickly, and I was constantly finding myself analyzing each character to see who might be doing these things to Robin. I won’t give anything away, but one of the first people I suspected to be the culprit turned out to be the guilty party. I especially liked the twist about halfway through the story, which was one scenario I had thought of as well.

    Overall, once I dumped the audiobook, I found myself enjoying the story very much and am looking forward to exploring more from this author.

    And true, the themes portrayed in this story are horrible to contemplate happening in real life. And while I’m sure things like this, albeit not as dramatic, may happen in real life and deserve discussion, I enjoy reading fiction for what it is to me. Just an enjoyable, suspenseful, fictional story.

  45. Cecy

    I do not consider myself a prude, however the very first page uses a four letter word.. So I won’t be reading this book. I agree with Marilyn above..

  46. Fran

    Enjoyed the book, very suspensful, just wanted to keep reading to the end. Hope to see more of Robin in future books.

  47. Sheryl

    Sorry I missed the reading time – I missed it in my emails. I didn’t see an email about voting on a book either.

    What about a longer reading period, say 1 month?

    Are there discussion groups available? I see a discussion group guide – for forming our own group?

    I’m just starting the audiobook now and think this is a great idea. When is the next one?

  48. Lynn

    Just finished the audio book….really liked the narrator’s voice, very soothing.
    Enjoyed the storyline, suspenseful and plausible. I did figure out who the person behind it all was long before the end, but that’s probably because I read loads of thrillers rather than the author making it obvious. Really enjoyable.

  49. Babs

    How is it that this book can be checked out and read by everyone but we must wait for other books to be checked out if someone else is reading them and there are only so many copies?

    1. Post
      Adam Sockel

      Hi babs- the publisher provides us special rights to the title during big library read. Libraries pay the publishers for copies of their normal eBooks/audiobooks just like physical titles.

  50. Annette

    I am an avid reader and I like mysteries…this book popped up on Overdrive, so I downloaded it. Very disappointed in the first paragraph….an unnecessary hyphen (black-textured…that doesn’t even make sense) and a misspelling (booty instead of bootie). Then, the f-word in the next sentence, for no reason, really. I’ve returned the book–not interested. Let’s have a book that’s better written, less sensationalized and better edited.

  51. Judith Kaleta

    I just finished the book and truly enjoyed it. This occurred at the same time as the adult summer reading program at my library started so it was quite exciting. I liked the book and would recommend it. Hope they do this again. How did I miss out on the voting for the book?

  52. Merra

    Very much enjoyed reading this book. I can’t say that the ending surprised me, but then I long ago learned to suspect one of the least suspected characters in any suspense/murder mystery novel.

  53. Judy

    I guess I have become a real “prude”, but I don’t think the F-word in the 5th sentence is a good way to to start in a world wide reading club.. Believe me, I say and think the word plenty…..perhaps there will be some redeeming value as I read…..

  54. Peg

    I read the book before I discovered it was part of this program. It’s a fun summer read. I enjoyed the peek into the world of TV news.

  55. Marilyn

    I do not read books that have adult language and content. There are lots of books out there that do not have bad language and adult content. Why not choose those books for your Big Read.

    1. Post
      Adam Sockel

      Hi Marilyn- the titles are selected by the readers. We provide about 10 options and they were voted on by librarians and readers. This is what got the most votes.

        1. Post
          Adam Sockel

          Hi Chip- Not currently but closer to the next Big Library Read in the fall their will be. If you follow us on Twitter (OverDriveLibs) or on Facebook we post the voting links there as well. :)

      1. Babs

        Then the question is, why was this book among the ten options? I am very disappointed that any library, especially one that has a global book club, would choose a book such as this? I don’t think this is what Ben Franklin had in mind when he gave us the first public library.

        1. Post
          Adam Sockel

          Hi Babs- as previously mentioned this title was selected by the public. The most popular genres of titles (both physical and digital) are mystery, suspense and romance which is likely why this was selected. You can vote by following us on social media as we post the voting links when they’re live there.

          1. Cynthia

            Adam,I am really disappointed! I gave my two cents worth several days ago with the same type of critique and it’s not listed. It said something like waiting for approval. I wasn’t that criticallllllll. What gives?

          2. Post
            Adam Sockel

            Apologies if it didn’t show up. I’ve approved all comments I’ve seen so if you resend it I’ll accept it. I’ve only removed one comment and that was a day one spoiler. :)

        1. Post
          Adam Sockel

          Hi Christie, Yes- If follow us (@overdrivelibs) on twitter we always share the voting link their before the event. We also have on this website while voting is live as well

    2. Amanda

      Hi Marilyn,

      While that is your choice, not everyone minds reading books with that type of content. We can’t all be pleased, all the time. There are times I come across books that contains subject matter I don’t care for and I simply move along to one I do enjoy. I’m sure you’ll find one to your liking soon. Happy reading! :-)

    3. connie smith

      I thought she did a good job of giving several possible suspects. This book did have a couple of little sex scenes that didn’t seem very e for everybody to be a book to have everyone read. But overall, I enjoyed it.

  56. Carol Kuttim

    Just got the book today; I’m going to put my other reading aside to start this. From the comments so far I can’t wait!

  57. Mary

    I downloaded both the eBook and the audiobook. The narrator’s voice was much to rusty on the audiobook. The voice was gravelly sounding and seemed to vibrate within my head. It was the sound, not the narration or inflection that bothered me. Maybe the narrator had a cold, or her voice was hoarse from overuse. Everybody has an off day now and then, but I download audiobooks several times a week and have only come across one other narrator that I could not listen to. The plot of the book showed how tough the world can be in career situations. If you don’t have the integrity to get by on your talent, without hurting other people, then you don’t deserve the position. A threat of any kind toward a high profile personality should be shared with security. Most people are just trying to be mouthy or intimidating, but records need to be kept in case of further aggressive actions. Bettina Lane was my favorite supporting character because her relationship with Robin was a proper, mutually beneficial, working situation. I do not take delight or relish in bad things happening to celebrities or other people. I do not understand that mindset. I am surprised when people are not what they present themselves as, and not surprised. I usually have a good sense of who a person is, but have lived too long to be naïve enough to not be careful in who I trust. Robin’s childhood trauma was a contributing factor, that made it easy for her to act in ways that led her to put too much importance on her own achievement and react in ways that could be easily taken advantage of. I knew almost immediately who was after Robin. It was very obvious. There were other possibilities, but it was clear that it was not the others. The story line was good and with the exception of some plausibility issues. I enjoyed reading, Eyes On You by Kate White. This is a great idea for a book club. I am disabled and mostly homebound and I so appreciate the Mid-Continent Public Library, Overdrive and the Kindle App, so much. The online accessibility means so much to me.

    1. Ginette

      I too found the narrator’s tone distracting. I found the dialogue better done. Overall not a great read – I agree with you the perpetrator was predictable. Love the concept of the e-book club and look forward to the next one. Hope the next selection is more captivating. Shall look out for voting opportunity

  58. Carrie Barnecut

    It was fun reading a book I knew many others were reading as well. Actually, I listened to the book – and the narrator Abby Craden was excellent. I was hooked at the beginning of the book. And, of course, I went here and there guessing who was the culprit. However, I can only give this book a rating of “4” as it was a good but not an exceptionable read.

  59. Kristen Mullen

    Just downloaded and will give it a try. I’ve never read anything by this author. I am excited to try something new.

    1. Kelsey

      True life: I have yet to read a Kate White book NOT in one sitting. I have found them absolutely impossible to put down, and Eyes on You was no different. I was lucky to get an advance copy of her newest novel The Wrong Man (coming out this week) and I liked it even more than EOY! Kate is the best.

  60. Kelc

    Just got the audio book version so I can listen and clean (my secret to not hating housework) and I’m incredibly excited! I’ve been looking for another author that keeps me dying to know what happens next, and she sounds like the one!

    1. Kerocita

      Hi Kelc
      I’m like you, I listen to books while cleaning and making dinner. I can’t believe more people haven’t discovered this way of keeping the mind occupied while accomplishing mindless, but necessary tasks. Listening to a good story actually makes chores seem relaxing.

  61. Katy M

    This is a psychological thriller at it’s finest. I’ve found a new author but will have to plan my reading as I simply couldn’t put this book down.
    The characters and dialogue are outstanding, the pace and plot diabolically clever.
    Read this book, you won’t regret it.

    1. Cheryl

      I totally agree with Katy M. I usually don’t read suspense but this book was great. At the end of each chapter I would try to put book down but just had to continue on. I look toward to more of this writer

  62. Kristina Ortiz

    Sorry couldn’t get past chapter 2. Not my type of writing. Characters too soap opera like. Clichéd and boring.

      1. Jean

        Great idea. I’ve always wanted to switch between audio and Ebook but it was too expensive. This gives us the opportunity. Yet another reason to support Overdrive and our local library!

  63. Heidi

    I just started to listen to this book last night. I am really glad that the narrator actually uses voice inflection. I love a good mystery & thriller, and after she found the note I was hooked. The fowl language is not my preference, but as long as it is not over the top, it shouldn’t take away too much from the story.

    1. Post
      Adam Sockel

      Yes, Vanessa. We’ll begin adding disucssion questions soon but feel free to share your thoughts at any time!

        1. Post
  64. Eve

    While Eyes on you was a light , suspenseful ebook, it was not challenging to the reader . It reminded me of the Harlequin Romance books when the writer focuses on romantic liaisons between the female protagonist and two of the male characters. It was predictable at times and did seem like a soap opera as another reader suggested. Didn’t mind the language as it made it more believable in this setting and time when 4 letter words are commonly used.

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