March 20, 2020


What are your overall thoughts (SPOILERS)?
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Overall, I thought the author did a great job in the depiction of Poesy as “power personified.” From the dialogue to her fashion ensemble to her constant poise, she had the flair of a classic d*sney villain with more substance and agency. I appreciated the pairing of Poesy’s “burn it all down” mentality to Kane’s mentality of taking the world and system we do have and making steady progress through the current avenues. That’s the dream many of us share that Poesy represents: the power to tear down the system and recreate it with what we thing would be best.… Read more »

Shawna Woodard

I also did not understand Dean’s existence. Was he even from Earth? Did he have a family?


I think Poesy created him with her powers and or a reverie somehow. Since he mentions that if Poesy is unraveled he will unravel too.


Same Jenni


Dean is part of Kane’s reverie- he created him.

Shawna Woodard

I am surprised that a book set in Amity, CT never mentions the Amityville Horror.


I hate spoilers when
1. They tell me after I told them I don’t wanna hear it.
2. When they just tryna get on my nerves

Love it when…
1. I asked
2. When i know i might never get the chance to read/watch it


It warned you, SPOILERS, so calm down

Shawna Woodard

A+ for use of simile and metaphor throughout the entire novel. Your teachers surely are proud.


That was amazing. I have never read as good of a book,


I love this book and could not agree even more and I could read this book over and over again.


Overall, I thought the author did a great job in the depiction of Poesy as “power personified.” From the dialogue to her fashion ensemble to her constant poise, she had the flair of a classic d*sney villain with more substance and agency. I appreciated the pairing of Poesy’s “burn it all down” mentality to Kane’s mentality of taking the world and system we do have and making steady progress through the current avenues. That’s the dream many of us share that Poesy represents: the power to tear down the system and recreate it with what we thing would be best.… Read more »


Yeah I was worried that using a fabulous drag queen as a villain would play into stereotypes of queercoded villains rather than subvert them, but that’s not the case here. Posey is a sympathetic, headstrong, confident person who’s learned that the world won’t let her fit unless she does something about it. The fundamental difference between Kane and Posey is how they achieve creating a place for themselves

A w

I also had the concern about stereotyped villains at first when I realized Poesy was the villain. It was nice to see the ways she was portrayed though and to see the ways the author worked on subverting tropes.

Also, seconded on the point of Ms. Daisy being a good girl!

Matthew Schaefer

Hey guys! Check out my video review of Reverie! Let me know what you think!




I really loved this book! I thought it was really well written and I loved the plot. I also like how there were multiple queer/lgbt+ characters and relationships. To be completely honest, I shipped Adeline and Sophia from the beginning, but only because I wanted it to happen. And it did! Yay! Overall, a story that I will definitely read again!

Quaniyah Garris

This is a great book!


I took a little to get into it, but overall found the book amazing and definitely would reccommend it


what are some good things that happened in this book?


I loved the book so much and will be reading other books by this author. My favorite part was when they were in the creepy mineral egg revery that the old wom an made, I thought it was totally unique, and would have never thought of myself.

Kelli Hromadka

I thought it was pretty good. At times I became a little confused with it though. The world’s were so descriptive that I lost what was going on with the main characters.



Raylee Hart

I havn’t read it yet, but once I do I will comment once more. My brother thinks it’s really good though.


I listened to the audiobook version. I thought the narrator did a pretty good job, and I didn’t dislike the book. I really couldn’t love the book, though. I wanted to, but it just didn’t happen. I think my main struggle was that I just didn’t really like Kane much. He seemed self-centered and whiny to me, and he did more than a few things that left me actually cringing (like causing reveries to become extra dangerous because he didn’t want to play his part). I liked The Others (mostly Ursula and Dean) and Poesy much more. Well, I didn’t… Read more »


As I read your comment I wondered if your feeling about the book & Kane would have been different if you read it? I’m a huge fan of books on tape & I plan to listen to this one, but I do believe even though it is the same book/words one gets a different experience from reading or listening. i agree with your thoughts about Posey & all the depth of the characters – I felt all of the characters rang true. I was also taken by the descriptions of the reveries. In fact I was transfixed by all the… Read more »


I listened to it and loved it. So much that I now want to read it.

A w

I’d love to know more about which reveries you felt Kane made worse by not wanting to play his part. I felt like I had a different perception of those, but I’m interested in what you were noticing!

Shelby Brinley

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. I loved the variety of characters and the plot twists. I found it entertaining most of the time and enjoyed getting to know the characters and their complexities. There were a few slow or maybe even confusing parts but overall it was a very fun read and different from anything I’ve ever read before.


Enjoyed the ride🤩 No spoilers!
Definitely intriguing
There were several twists and shifts throughout. He lifted Posey off the pages in such a vivid form that it amazed me. Interestingly enough he was able to keep Kane as ‘insignificant’ until he wasn’t. Some parts I’m still deciding if they should have been left in the round file. Not every detail is necessary to tell a story.
The story allows your mind to take an amazing ride or two!


I felt like Poesy was an off shoot of Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror Picture show. During the entire book I just kept thinking of Timy Curry as Poesy.


What a wonderful connection!! I absolutely love Rocky Horror Picture Show and Tim Curry was my first sexual crush!


I loved it it had so much suspicious about it and so I give it 4 stars.

Sydney Fry

I feel that this book will provoke a lot of discussions, difficult and easy. Highly recommended.


I think more people should read more Warrior cats and Wings of Fire.


I think this book is so good I couldn’t believe when posie rented out to be the villan in this story great book would totally recamend to people


I started the book because I liked the name and I enjoyed the words- the artistry of them.
I continued reading because I was impressed with the point of view… not only the amnesia effects, but the way we learn about the main character.
I did not finish the book because as curious as I was about the who and what the main character would become, I prefer to have my mystery with less miscommunication/drama.

Sarah Sajadi

One of my new favorite standalones. Posey is the villain I fear most. The one you trust completely and betrays you while claiming to be acting in your best interest. Posey is the villain most comparable to those I have experienced in life and I loved it. Also, the REPRESENTATION. It’s awful that someone should be praised for the bare necessities but glad it was included. The characters were round and lovable. I FELT Kane’s frustration at a lack of knowledge about what was happening but when everything fell into place at the end WOW it was SO good.

Francesca L Lee

I didn’t really like this book. I felt the plot was rather scattered


My overall thought about this book is that I LOVE it! In fact I saw it listed as the Big Library Read, was curious, started to read a sample and never stopped! I literally read it in one sitting which is rare for me as I’m a slow reader. However I was captured by the first line and the characters, the story and especially the language and descriptions. I can’t wait to reread to really savor the words as during this first read I was eager to see what happened next. I enjoyed how the characters were introduced and how… Read more »


I couldn’t stand this book. If you can’t trust events that happen because they might not be true, you have to have a believable main character who you care about. Kane “had always been . . . Avoidant. Gloomy. Brittle.” He repeatedly makes stupid mistakes. How could he have previously been a leader to the Others? He lost his memories of a certain set of events, but that doesn’t change his basic character. I didn’t care enough about this whiney character to finish the book.


Really enjoyed it! Reminded me of the game Persona 5, but with more depth. Often found myself picturing Adeline like Ann, and Dean like Akechi.


The concept of reveries is so darn fascinating. It’s a strange surrealist manifestation of your inner wishes and mentality. We don’t really get how vulnerable they are until we see Heather’s dream fall apart. I really really love when books use magic to explore the psyche of its characters, because it adds a whole other dimension (literally!) to the world building and characterization. There’s something lovely about seeing urban fantasy star and feature LGBT+ characters because ultimately, they don’t just want to see ourselves in the real world, but also on adventures facing hard decisions and wielding magic. Even better,… Read more »

Paige (IG: thereadingpaige)

This fits perfectly into YA Fantasy. 7th-8th grade me would’ve loved this! It was exciting, kept my attention and had me asking for more. I obviously knew Poesy was the antagonist a d Dean was Kane’s love interest, but there were some unanswered questions at the end. What happened to the police investigation? Did it just reset and go away since Maxine was back? Who are Poesy’s sisters? They were mentioned at the very end after her demise, but were they introduced prior and I just missed it? Solid 3/5- The world building and details of the setting could’ve been… Read more »

Jenn Riley

I borrowed this audiobook and liked the book but had some struggles with the narrator. It was the audiobook equivalent of putting two spaces after a period.

A w

I haven’t listened to the audiobook. But this comparison is amazing.


I love it


Nice, in so many ways!

Jen Adams

I listened to this as an audiobook and I enjoyed it. I wish I could say I enjoyed it very much, but I didn’t. Kane bothered me. He kept being told what he should do in order to make things work right and to understand things better, but he kept doing the exact opposite. I just kept thinking to myself, “not again!” There we’re also several times that I wish Kane had just said what was on his mind because it really would have solved so many problems. The plot was fun, though, and very entertaining. The author did an… Read more »

A w

I think it makes sense he didn’t listen / say things too though (even if sometimes it made things worse). He had NO idea who he could trust and it would be so hard to exist in that scenario. Especially when all this magic stuff was happening out of nowhere and he was in danger and didn’t know why. I think messing up the first one from pure shock seems fair, because Id probably have cried the whole time if I were there lol. Plus for Helena’s reverie, everyone else messed it up while he kept constantly trying to fix… Read more »


I loved it


I really wanted to like this book because it is queer fantasy and the idea is good. But I have to say the characters felt more like props than actual people. I think their personalities could have been shown a bit more. And Kane is just a very annoying character for me. He annoyed me so much through the whole book that I found it hard to get engulfed in the story.


I agree!


I really liked this book! I always enjoy reading a book with queer representation because it means a lot to see characters like me, especially when they get to have a happy ending. I think someone else has also mentioned this, but the main thing I was confused about was why Dean didn’t die when Kane unraveled Poesy. I assumed Kane somehow intervened without realizing, but I think that could have been elaborated on. I am glad Dean didn’t die though, I’ve had enough of the ‘bury your gays’ trope for this year. Overall, this book made me really happy,… Read more »


I think this would be a great book for a middle/high school student questioning their sexuality and feeling lost and alone.


Truly enjoyable story until I realized that Kane and Dean would get together and all I could think of was Dean Cain the actor. 🙁

Alisha Ali

The cover was awesome. The book overall was awesome, there were some parts where some people will be confused in but overall WELL DONE!


I liked the ideas the author brought to the table but I just really couldn’t relate to the characters nor was I fan of Kane because he really changes through the story in an almost unrealistic way

Really though

As any good book about magic should, Reverie shifts meaning of the same symbols as it progresses. At the beginning, a reverie seems like a symbol of why people end up living closeted lives, trying to pretend everything is as someone else believes. Then it goes to the other extreme and Poesy becomes a counterexample to show that, no matter who you are, expecting everyone to meet 100% of your expectations is obnoxious.

Marko Maikel

This novel reminded me of A Wrinkle In Time which is on my shortlist of desert island books. I think it’s easy to get lost in the fantasy of having a superpower to help one cope with adolescence. It has fully realized LGBT + characters. I can see Laverne Cox playing Poesy in the movie. I think the book does what any good book should: take one on an adventure not possible. I am looking forward to the author’s next book.

Zannah Merrill

I was lost a lot, I would have greatly benefited from this being a graphic novel maybe? In fact I definitely move this become a graphic novel for Reasons.

I did enjoy it and wanted to know what happened next, but I felt like there was too little explanation or perhaps just too little plot shaping in some areas. The characters were definitely jumping off the page and the reveries were great.

Katy B

I honestly could not have loved this book more. It was my first time reading a BLR and honestly, it blew me away. As a writer myself, I can imagine how much fun Ryan would have had writing all of those reveries. 5 stars from me!


With only limited time to read, so far, I can say that I am really enjoying the book. Kane is a likeable young boy and I am so curious to know how the accident happened. And what happened with Ursula. I don’t get the creepy shadowy thing that chased Kane and his sister, but again, I am curious to find out, which is exactly what an author aims to do….keep the reader reading.


What an amazing book. I simply just loved the imagination behind it and it wasn’t so confusing that you weren’t able to understand half of it, but it was explained in a way that made you slowly understand the overall plot.
I am also so glad there were an happy ending and everything worked out. I would simply just have stopped reading if Dean had died in the end.
Overall I just thought it was great.


As others have commented, the descriptions of the reveries were so intricate. I listened to the book and felt I was seeing exactly what the characters were seeing. Overall, I thought the book was a good mystery and fantasy wrapped into one.

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