March 20, 2020


Kane encounters a variety of queer people that help him feel not so alone. What does each example of queer love reveal about the way queer people exist in our reality?
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Cecil Shuller

Queer people are normal, just the same as everyone else. We all deserve a chance at life and love, no matter what our sexuality, gender, pronouns, religion, or ethnic background is.

Doreen Griffin

Well said Cecil!


Queer people are people you see everyday. You may not realize but, we are actually just like normal people. No matter what our pronouns, gender, race, interests, religion, or history, we are regular people!

Marcos Balido

I think everyone at least knows someone who identifys as an LGBTQ+. Overall al I would say that it’s a lot more common then people tend to think


The different examples of queer love in the book just shows how prevalent it is in the real world. Today, it’s not nearly as taboo as it was when Maxine and Helena were young. And his sister’s discovery of her own queerness also points out how afraid people are of admitting their feeling for same sex people, at least when first realizing those feelings. It showed me that LGBTQIA+ people need good support systems and how much has changed in recent years. Helena and Maxine would have never been accepted the way Dean and Kane are when they were young.


I would say that it confirms that queer people are human and normal just like everyone else, and queer rights are human rights.


In the acknowledgements Ryan La Sala reveals that Poesy being a drag queen and Kane’s first salvation/ person who is supposed to help is significant because Poesy is the embodiment of power. I see many people have the opinion of queer people that they’re fine until they “shove it in my face” that they’re gay. Well, I believe that this book confirms that living their authentic, if somewhat eccentric lives is a way to reclaim power that they lost from simply existing as a marginalized and shunned group of people. I know not all drag queens are queer but some… Read more »


I loved the normalcy of queer. No big deal about who loves whom, but still the author lets the reader know some of the inside hurt and alienation.

A w

I think what sticks out to me is when the Others are so focused on this idea of the stereotypical happily ever after in one reverie. They end up almost forcing heteronormativity onto Helena (just like our society often does). But Kane just sees the possibility that this isn’t her, knows that it is normal to have a different happily ever after, and doesn’t try to force Helena into one specific box of what that should look like.


Queer people are just like anybody else and I hope that the world will be able to understand that in the nearest future. I am sure everybody know somebody from the LGBTQ+ community and it isn’t as rare as some people thinks.

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