March 20, 2020


Is it surprising that Darwin’s findings still provoke outrage? Why might this be so?
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Sam M

Just look to how the American president deals with the science of the pandemic. And how so many people either do not believe in global warming or that humans are contributing to it. Some people don’t understand the process of science.


Well said. We can’t ignore what is happening to the world around us. The scientific world asks why and then tries to solve it. It was pretty clear that when people weren’t traveling as much our atmosphere was attempting to heal. We need great leadership to take us forward in a positive way


I find it more sad than surprising. It’s a sign of society’s failure to properly educate everyone. This is not to say that Darwin got everything right. He didn’t. But his views should be discussed dispassionately, with the aim to seek the truth. There is no cause for outrage, and where it exists, ignorance is behind it.


Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection, survival of the fittest, seemed and may still seem to call into question God’s omnipotence and omniscience, somewhat contradicting the Genesis story of creation, even suggesting a world that could be without God. This is a welcome thought to some but an abhorrence to others. So his idea is quite divisive.


The opinions of some people are offended by science, but that does not make science, or the reality described by science, offensive. It makes some people unreasonably sensitive to reality.
Darwin and Wallace both explained reality in describing evolution. As scientists have learned more, evolution has been refined, but that is the way learning works.
If we are offended by learning, we should not blame the educators.


Thank you for sharing, Philip.


People can’t handle the truth. But the good news is that Science and Facts don’t care about people’s opinions and feelings. Evolution and physics go along, disregarding how the masses feel about it.


So, is this pandemic going to prove the theory right? Survival of the “fittest” By what definition.

Judi .mackey

We’re afraid of what we don’t understand.

Janice Hayes

Darwin’s findings discussion

Sharon A

Christianity has long held to the belief in creation, despite science. There seems to be a resurgence of religious zeal in the US lately, so i guess it’s not as surprising as i wish it was!

tlb etc

interesting read but have to remember it all fictional


The notion that Darwinism being against religion is expressed by unbending, unyielding folks I know. People who can accept the notion of a higher power and respect that we may perceive it differently tend to embrace it. Ironic that religion in America is facing Darwinism as it fuels divisiveness and fails to adapt to a more loving universal world view.


No of course it’s not surprising as Christian fundamentalist still continue to support creationism as a literal interpretation of Genesis and continue to deny scientific facts such as climate change.


The literalIsm of fundamentalism defies the different ways language can be used .


Just joining. have not read the book yet but interesting comments. Education is crucial for any society to succeed. I’ll try to read the book to enable me to participate in the discussion.

Deb M

I think people never want to believe anything that is hard to figure out. To understand Darwin you have to read his book but also learn about biology, etc. it takes work and studying. It’s easy just to say his theories are not true. Again a clear case of ignorance.


Actually not surprising – just see how many people choose to believe conspiracy theories over scientific facts!


The Theory of Darwinism will
forever be a topic of debate as long as religion exists. Science vs Religion Conflicting ideas since the 1600’s. Have also set up literature for some terrific books both fiction and non fiction.


The THEORY has never been proven and is not Biblical.

Sandy Masterson

You got me? Ignorance maybe- who knows in this world of Trump.

Alice Kalota

In 2014, we enjoyed a”Darwin type” debate between Bill Nye, the science guy, and Ken Ham, creationist. Is our world 6000 vs 4.5 billion years old? Science prevailed to the majority.

Pam Hurd

I don’t really hear pushback any more. I did read that the current thinking may be it’s survival by those that can quicky adapt to a changed/changing environment instead of survival of the fittest (e.g. Neanderthals vs us).


One of the ideas from the book is that Darwins theories level the playing field. There is no racial superiority with evolution. We all have a common evolutionary beginning. Some individuals need to feel physical and intellectual superiorty and are fearful and threatened by the science.


I think that was initially one of the primary concerns. Class superiority was an important issue economically. Also, religion in particular the interpretation of Genesis mattered and evolution could not be reconciled with that belief. In the case of religion that seemed to be used as another instance of class superiority. In all cases a type of equality seemed to be an underlying threat.


Darwins theories describe a common biological heritage for all humans. Imagine if he had the comparative embyological development and DNA analyses available. People are threatened and fearful when they perceive their superiority is challenged. The fear colors their ability to understand facts and synthesize information that provides alternatives to their way of thinking. Evolution through natural selection levels the playing field.

Susan Kaumans

Enlightenment with education, both formal and self-initiated, can possibly lead to deeper creationist and evolutionist theories. I feel equally intrigued by both sides. It is a fascinating “eternal” debate.

Kay B.

no i find it easy to believe


It is not at all surprising. As one post says, you need only to look at what’s happening now with this pandemic and in particular, in America with leadership spitting in the face of science. We fear that which we don’t understand. I am Christian but am not necessarily a creationist. Perhaps evolution happened with Gods hand?


Years ago I was fortunate enough to hear Dr. Francis Collins speak. He headed up the research into DNA sequencing. He started out an atheist but along the way, faced with the amazing logic in the science, he came to believe in a Universal Intelligence, or God. To paraphrase my pastor, who introduced him, “may not follow his theory, but I don’t doubt his faith.”


Not really. There are always doubters. Perhaps being linked to the animals hits too close to home for some people


Science and religion have always been at odds. Hopefully someday they can have open discussions and acceptance. Education, discussion and exploration.


It seems, for some members of society, that any suggestion of divergence from the world of the Bible can incite a great deal of emotion. It was like that when I was a child, and it still is today when I am a senior.


It is not surprising that Darwin’s findings still provoke outrage. It threatens some fundamental beliefs regarding the origin of mankind and religion. Even so, there are religious scientists who embrace both Darwin and religion. One does not necessarily exclude the other, only the interpretation of biblical symbolism versus literal translations.

Fereshteh H

Beliefs form a structured security system for us, and to have them challenged in such a way that Darwinism did undermines our entire sense of safety. Life is scary, then or today. Various factors determine how we choose our belief system and for some, Darwinism still is a threat to those beliefs. It requires great love, or great suffering to make us let go of our structure of security and explore other possibilities.


I didn’t get surprised though it was a bit sad

Anne Marie Jefferys

There are so many that have their own opinions that they believe are facts instead of basing their opinions on facts. Everyone has a right to their own opinion


I think that it is as the book said: if we all originated in the muck, we are basically the same. No one has more value than anyone else. The Queen herself is not more valuable than a poor mother on welfare.


Seems very timely bringing up issues with which we are currently grappling as others have expressed. Darwin’s theory continues to be controversial today as it threatens people’s sense of self/place within the hierarchy. And of course evolution vs creationism is itself a fascinating discourse.

Big Reader

Darwin’s discovery is essentially nihilistic. Its essence is that life has no purpose.

Big Reader

That it is a mathematical phenomenon of reproduction, random mutation and propagation of that which has (randomly) features that lead to more reproduction.


Sadly it doesn’t surprise me at all. While you have people who believe that a god exists and that the bible is a true account of the world then Darwinism will always have strong and passionate critics. I ‘m not sure any amount of of education will ever change that any more than sending me to bible classes would make me believe in a god.


Is anything surprising in these unbelievable days? It seems that there are always some people who can not let go of the ideas that have been ingrained in them from the start. So no, it’s not surprising that Darwin’s ideas could still cause outrage among people who are doggedly inflexible with their beliefs.

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