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  • I went into this not expecting much. I read Violent Ends and it was such a great book. Especially one particular point of view (which I won’t say because I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t read it). The one thing I didn’t like about Violent Ends–we finish not knowing why. This book gives us the why. I found it to be riveting and read it in a little over 14 hours. Pretty good time for a Mom of three! It made me sad and it made me mad. I also saw it as a scary situation that I hope never, ever happens to a school my children are in. I LOVED though that these kids didn’t just stand by and do nothing; they fought back and made a real difference in the number of people who could have been hurt or killed. The ending was touching and perfect for this story. Some of the POV at the beginning of the book confused me and it took a little bit to get a real grip on who was who. Once I did though, I was good to go.

  • This book was simple yet it had some complexity. I loved the characters and how they had their own stories of what the City and the hopes of getting away from Opportunity meant to them and for their own futures.

    I love how the story slowly unfolded, but I became lost with Claire. I felt that because she wasn’t inside the school once the shooting began we should have heard less from this character, it made it a frustrating read. The police arrived at the school EARLY in the book, but did not gain access until the very end, that was torture to read (watch in my mind).

    Matt’s death could have been more detailed as it was stated that Tyler and Matt had a special kind of relationship. I would have wanted to know more about Tyler before he went on the darkness… The story of Tuler wild have answered questions such as when he decided to put an end to it all… Was it before Claire left him or after he lost his mother? He raped Sylvia prior to his

    This story was interesting. I enjoyed the connections between the characters and how they tried to save each other. They preserved the memories of their loved ones and of their town.

  • I enjoyed reading this book and seeing all the points of views . As a mother I do fear something like this. I’m just so glad my children are not in school anymore…

  • I agree with the comment about how odd it was to have a love story going on throughout the tragedy. I get the thought of it taking a big deal to recognize your feelings for someone at times, but I struggled with the idea that this story was the appropriate one to do so. The book was fast paced and I enjoyed that aspect. However, I did not feel that the attention and time was given to those that perished. I would have liked a longer follow up. I struggled with how ok everyone seemed to be just a few hours after. I did enjoy seeing the story from several points of view, and would have liked it to get a little more in depth.

  • I had high hopes for this book. Ninteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult is one of my FAVORITE books.

    I enjoyed this book, but it was just a little unbelievable for me. (And on one hand, I’m happy it was, this is a true nightmare and one that happened in my state of Connecticut)

    There were a few things that just didn’t seem realistic. So there is a Semester Beginning assembly. Every single person in that school (minus the few we knew) was in the assembly? And those who weren’t were killed? Seems like a huge stretch for one person to pull off, and a teenager at that.

    I like the POV and the back and forth from past to present. I liked knowing a bit of the back story, though sometimes I wish we had more.

    I thought the ‘dancer’ thing was a weird story line. So the mother was a ballerina\dancer. The daughter was. But why not just have the mother die some other way? Why have the dancer idea in there at all? It just muddied the water for me a bit.

    Am I the only one that found it odd that Claire and Chris were kissing and had a love story going on throughout a school shooting while they are on school property? Weird.

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